My CoCo Bean

My CoCo Bean started because of the cute little guy shown above.

He is the inspiration, the muse, and the legacy of our brand. A good friend of ours gave Cameron the nickname “Coco Bean” when she met him for the first time. Cameron has smooth dark brown skin, big beautiful brown eyes and amazing jet black curly hair. Needless to say, the name not only was a fit to how cute, little, and brown Cameron was, but also resonated with a business idea we had been thinking of since shortly after his birth.

As a new mom and auntie, we looked all over for baby things that represented and celebrated Cameron’s special qualities. But we quickly realized that the selection of children and baby items that celebrated the diversity of little ones was very limited. We heard from other parents and families that they too wanted to celebrate the specialness in their own “CoCo Bean” but struggled to find quality products with diverse statements and images.  Given our personal interest and professional experience, we quickly realized that we could create something unique and wonderful to fill this need. As a result, we’ve created a new online community where all little ones (& their parents), are celebrated!

Welcome to My CoCo Bean, we hope you like it!

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