My CoCo Bean Holiday Gift Guide


Since this is our first holiday shopping season, you can imagine how excited we are to share our entire My CoCo Bean store with you! However, we are not here to overwhelm you, we’re here to help you. We want you to find the perfect gift for the little Coco Bean in your life. Whether you’re an auntie, grandparent, godparent, or favorite big person… We have you covered! Looking for a gift for your best friend and their little one?.. We also have you covered. We’ve made a short list of 10 items that will cover most gifting situations to help you make a great gift choice.

Read on and click the image to see more colors, sizes and prices. Don’t forget to use the code MERRY50 at checkout to get EVERYTHING 50% OFF!!

1. For your eco-friendly friend. They will definitely love adding this tote to their reusable bag collection!











2. For your coffee/tea lover friend. They will sip up the adorableness this mug is serving up!











3. For your friend with a colorful nursery. They will think this pillow is a great decor item to enhance their baby’s lounge area.











4. For the little one who’s not related, but they have a sweet spot in your heart! 

(Also available in Toddler T-shirt)











5. A gift for a doting grandmother to buy her favorite grandchild. 

(Also available in Toddler T-shirt)











6. A gift for a coffee loving auntie to buy her cute coco skin niece or nephew. 

(Also available in Toddler T-shirt)











7. A gift for a coco bean who’s parents celebrate the most famous birth ever. 

(Also available in Toddler T-shirt)











8. A gift for a coco bean who’s parents believes that their child is already a genius! 

(Also available in Toddler T-shirt)











9. A gift for a coco bean who’s parents have a sarcastic sense of humor. 

(Also available in Toddler T-shirt)











10. A gift for a coco bean who’s parents are hipsters.

(Also available in Toddler T-shirt)












Happy Shopping!